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Jennifer Rutledge Photography Spokes Model Perks Pt2

As part of the Jennifer Rutledge Photography Class of 2017 Spokes Model Team, the spoke models get first dibs on portfolio shoots during their high school senior year. Rikki kept her cool despite the 90+ degree heat. I tried my best to get some angry looks out of this girl, but she is just too good at sweet and smiley!

Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Jennifer Rutledge Photography Jennifer Rutledge Photography Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Jennifer Rutledge Photography


Prom Night – Jennifer Rutledge Photography Spokesmodel Perks

This year the Spokesmodel Team received a complimentary prom photo shoot as one of the “perks” of the Class of 2017 Spokesmodel Team. Only one of our spokesmodels was able to take advantage of the offer, But that meant we had extra time to take extra AMAZING prom portraits! So, without further ado, let me present Caleb “aka 007”, and Adrianna “aka Murial Wright”.

All images @jenniferrutledgephotography2016

Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Jennifer Rutledge Photography  Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Jennifer Rutledge Photography – Class of 2017 Model Team

Thank you for your interest in Jennifer Rutledge Photography & Class of 2017 Model Team.

Sr Model Team_blog

As a Class of 2017 Model, you will have the opportunity to be part of exclusive photo sessions throughout the year in addition to receiving:

• Discounts on your personalized senior portrait session
• Facebook photos, and online galleries to share
• Promotional materials…starring YOU!
• Opportunities to earn $$$, and more!

Models will be chosen based on demographics (where you live), gender, participation in school activities and attention to the application. We accept applications from all over the Puget Sound, with the most convenient locations being Shelton, Mason County, Olympia, and Thurston County. We are not looking for the most popular, or the prettiest, or the Captain of the football team or cheerleading squad, ALTHOUGH those are admirable—we are looking for kind, thoughtful young people with vision and morals who dream big and know what they want for their lives. That represents our brand and will represent what we stand for out in the community!

The Ultimate 12th Fan Seahawks Wedding Dress

Big Game Day – Superbowl 50

The Seahawks may not have made it to the Big Game this year, but at Jennifer Rutledge Photography, we know the 12th men & women will continue to rock the blue & green! Even though I don’t care much who wins today (Go Broncos), I’ll be wearing my Seahawks attire while scarfing down the indulgent game day snacks. In honor of Seattle’s die-hard fans, today’s blog celebrates the Hawks in full color.

Seattle Seahawks Inspired Bridal Portraits

My favorite seamstress, located in the small town of Shelton, WA, continues to churn out unique designs for today’s original brides.  Lonita and Dotty at Sew Now Studio, in Shelton, Washington, offer brides custom alterations and designs to create the perfect, one-of-a-kind, gown for a legendary wedding day!

Their latest creation pays homage to Superbowl XLVIII Champions Seattle Seahawks.   This dress is perfect for the football-loving 12th Man & Wife!  We shot this, on location in Shelton, WA on a typical Northwest day, cloudy with the occasional downpour!  The images are featured in the current edition of South Sound Wedding & Event Magazine.

Photography by Jennifer Rutledge

Hair & Makeup by Chandra Blankenship

Dress, Hairpiece and Shoes by Sew Now Studio

Model: Desirae Klokkevold.


Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy Jennifer Rutledge Photogrpahy

What the Heck is a High School Senior Portrait Model Team?

Jennifer Rutledge Photography

Many of you know about Senior Reps for local photographers.  A few kids take some basic portraits

and in return they hand out some “rep cards” tell their friends to go see Photographer X.

The Senior Portrait Model Team at Jennifer Rutledge Photography are NOT Senior Reps.

jennifer rutledge photographyAt Jennifer Rutledge Photography, the Senior Portrait Model Team shatters that outdated tradition and delivers a senior portrait experience that feels more like an episode of Top Model (without the drama!). We don’t limit our photo shoots to the Shelton or Olympia, WA area, although we do love the beauty of Mason County! The Senior Portrait Model Team participates in on-location shoots as close as Olympia, and as far away as our dreams (and pocketbooks) can carry us! From the forest, to the beach, with cities and scenery in between, our models finish the year with not only an amazing senior portrait, but an entire portfolio of artwork starring them! Some of our senior portrait models have even been featured in nationally published magazines. Do you still think your average senior portrait session is all you want?


Being a Model is Glamorous, but Not Necessarily Easy.

I won’t sugar coat it, being a High School Senior Portrait Model Team member is not an easy job. You must get involved early – we are talking junior year – and you must have the desire to rock the stylized photo shoots. These shoots are optional, but highly encouraged; and so much fun! We do several photo shoots throughout the year with themes such as Bohemian, Vintage Glamour, and Extreme Sports.  It can be cold, it can be hot, and it can be a long day. Shooting outside of Shelton, WA means time in the car. There can be hot rods, water, lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! But if you are having as much fun as I do on these shoots, you won’t even notice. Trust me, your senior portraits will be worth it.

jennifer rutledge photographyHigh School Senior Portrait Model Team is NOT Just For Girls!

Although the High School Senior Portrait Model experience may seem geared towards the girls, guys are encouraged to join as well. First of all, you will get to hang out with beautiful girls all day long, and secondly, you get your own magazine style photos to add to your portfolio. Win – win, if you ask me.

Are You Ready to Join Jennifer Rutledge Senior Portrait Model Team?

What’s the catch? Joining the Jennifer Rutledge Senior Portrait Model Team is by invitation only. Being a member of the team is not a free ride. I spend many hours scouting locations, planning shoots, and collecting wardrobes in order to create a unique and fully stylized senior portrait photo shoot. I collaborate with wardrobe stylists, hair & makeup artists and photo assistants to make sure, as a model, that you look your best and feel like the star that you are.  High School Senior Portrait Model Team members are required to invest in the program, otherwise we could not enjoy the professional entourage that we provide for you!  However, the perks you receive as a team member are almost triple the initial investment. If you love creative photography, and want a unique and varied senior portrait experience, you will want to be part of the Jennifer Rutledge Photography Senior Portrait Model Team.

jennifer rutledge photographyDo as much, or as little, as you’d like.

I expect a lot from my team members, but I could care less if you “rep” for me. You don’t have to hand out cards, even though you’ll get some.  You don’t have to tell your friends to book me, even though they will want to after they see your senior portraits.  All you have to do is show up and be the stylish senior model you know you are.  However, if you would like to do some rep work, I will give you plenty of chances to earn extra photo bucks so you can have every portrait you love hanging on your walls!

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to comment, share, and like the occasional post in order to keep seeing more in your feed. We are looking for models in Shelton, Olympia, Belfair, Tumwater, Lacey, and beyond. The model search begins soon. Are you ready?


Freedom, Flowers & Fields

When I saw this flower gown at Sew Now Studio, I knew it would be perfect for a flower crown and wide open fields.  I think she looks every bit as Fairy Princess as she does Bride.  You wouldn’t know it from the images, but it was HOT and the light was HARSH.  Thanks to my impromptu assistants, Heather and Jeanette, for being human light stands to protect my gear from toppling in the wind.

This shoot was made possible by:

Gown: Sew Now Studio

Hair & Makeup: Chandra at Elements Salon

Model: Adrianna


60’s Diva Photoshoot

What do you get when you combine a six foot tall beauty with heels and a foot of feathers? BAM! Some kicka$$ images that belong in the pages of Vogue Magazine!  So MOD.

These images started with a simple dress I found at Sew Now Studio. If you ever need a dress, or alterations, make sure to visit the fabulous ladies at Sew Now Studio in Shelton, WA. The ostrich feathers were also provided by Sew Now.

Chandra, from Elements Salon, and I had a a blast with this shoot. I love collaborating with creative people. It not only makes the job a ton of fun, but it encourages my brain to stretch out of its comfort zone and create looks I may not have discovered on my own.

The toughest part of preparing for this particular look was finding the right location. I originally wanted an industrial feel, but wasn’t having much luck finding the right place. I drove around town with an open mind (and eye) and then this wall magically appeared. I say magically, because I have driven by that particular wall thousands of times and never considered photographing it. I absolutely love how perfectly the location complimented the style of the shoot. It looks like it could be New York, or London in the 60’s, but it’s right here in lil ol’ Shelton, WA!


Bohemian Rhapsody

This was such a fun photoshoot, despite the rain and cold trying to interrupt!  Inspiration came from Free the People …and the fabulous 70’s!  A huge thank you to the generous couple that allowed us to roam their homestead and frolic in the fields. The open expanse of the hay field beckons the soul to roam free, while highlighting the beauty found in simplicity. It’s like the most fun childhood dream ever. Does it make you want to run barefoot too? The dilapidated barn reminds us that beauty exists even in the oldest and most neglected places. Don’t even get me started on the girl: how can anyone resist a flower crown?  and those curls!  Yes, I am jealous. A lot jealous.

Thanks so much to everyone who braved the elements and made these gorgeous shots possible:

Photographer: Jennifer Rutledge

Stylist & Hair: Jené Sigl of Wear The Canvas

Makeup: Jennifer Rutledge

Model: Carly