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Leaving Las Vegas – Destination Photography in Nevada

This past week I travelled to Las Vegas to shoot with, and learn from, some amazing fellow photographers. Sal Cincotta, a major player in the photo world, went above and beyond “pay it back” by offering a 2 day workshop for FREE. Not only was it a chance to hang out with some of my favorite photographer friends, but we also got to leave Las Vegas and shoot in the beautiful nearby desert of Nevada.

Day 1 consisted of a few friends out on our own, with a model, at the Ghost Town near Nelson, Nevada.

Jennifer Rutledge Photography
Ghost Town. Nelson, Nevada.

I only wish we had more time to shoot the gorgeous gowns in the rustic scenery…a couple hours was not enough! Big thanks to Curtis Bryant Photography for bringing the gowns and arranging our stunning model.

Day 2 was another trip out to the desert, this time with four buses of photographers and an entire gaggle of models!

The scenery was absolutely stunning and the possibilities were never ending. Despite a grumpy park ranger, I managed to grab a couple decent shots.

Can you believe all of these photos were taken within a few hundred yards of each other?

We had snow and rain, but the models persevered. It was worth it, don’t you agree?

Thanks so much to Sal, Alissa, Krystal, N-Vu, and everyone else who contributed to this shoot!

Jennifer Rutledge Photography


Day 3 was all about business. It was great to meet a fellow local photogs, Bruce & Josh Hudson. They inspired me to get my son involved in the business…he will learn to like it…some day….

We had one last shoot out with our private group that evening on the Vegas Strip. Big thanks to Bryanna Sveum for braving the cold!

Jennifer Rutledge Photography

I think it was about 36 degrees by the time we finished this shoot….BRRR!

I hope you enjoy these photos, and don’t hesitate to call me if you’d like to create some of your own. Have camera, will travel!


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